Treating Female Adult Acne

Just when you thought your adolescent skin was a thing of the past, you achieve adulthood only to discover you still have acne.  You’re not alone.  Females in their 20’s and 30’s commonly experience adult acne. Whether you have regular acne or occasional monthly outbreaks, it can be frustrating, annoying and even depressing.  But don’t […]

Are Your Skin Care Products Paraben-Free?

You have likely seen shampoos, conditioners and lotions labeled paraben-free.  But have you considered whether your facial cream and cleanser are also paraben-free? Parabens have been used for decades as a preservative in cosmetics and skin care products.  At one time, over 80% of all cosmetics and skin products contained parabens.   In recent years, parabens […]

Best Skin Care Treatment and Facials This Winter

The lack of rain in the Bay Area is affecting more than the foliage and water supply.  The dry weather is taking a toll on your skin, too. The low level of moisture in the air is contributing to the already rough winter elements that dry out your skin.  To avoid further dehydrated skin, take […]

Summer Sunscreen

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I would like everyone to be aware that even though we live in foggy San Francisco, we all need to wear sunblock. I have 4 different sunblocks and 2 tinted sunscreens at my skin care studio to choose from. If you are going on a sunny vacation […]