PRODUCT LOVE continued...

The products contain only the most gentle and healthful plant or mineral-derived ingredients for your skin- setting them apart from animal or petroleum-based products.  These products have stabilized fragile ingredients such as vitamin A and C, and antioxidant-rich plant extracts to ensure they retain their full potency.

And, Jennifer Clark Skincare products have cutting-edge ingredients and technologies, such as collagen-producing peptides, for optimal, visible results.

GlyMed Plus is a multi-purpose professional skin care system with a range of sophisticated formulas, incorporating glycolic, lactic, citric and salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide and natural botanical extracts, aloe vera and anti-oxidant compounds.Originally developed for physicians, GlyMed Plus is now fast becoming the choice of the world’s best estheticians and spa professionals. The Acne Management line within GlyMed Plus contains products that will cleanse, heal inflammation, clear pores, exfoliate, fade discoloration, and protect skin from overexposure.

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To all my dear friends and clients: I have made the decision to close my skin care studio. It has been my biggest joy to spend time with all of you. I started this business in 1996. This business has sustained me in so many ways. It has been my baby before I had babies!! I have cherished our time together so much. I will still be selling products. Please head over to my products page and reach out to me if you do not see what you need. Please contact me with any skin consultation needs as well. Take good care, Jennifer