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Just when you thought your adolescent skin was a thing of the past, you achieve adulthood only to discover you still have acne.  You’re not alone.  Females in their 20’s and 30’s commonly experience adult acne.

Whether you have regular acne or occasional monthly outbreaks, it can be frustrating, annoying and even depressing.  But don’t be discouraged!   Patience and consistency is the key to success in treating adult female acne.

There is no single cure to that works for everyone, but I can help you achieve beautiful skin.   Each person has unique attributes that cause outbreaks.  I evaluate the severity of the acne and create a customized treatment plan.  My goal is to improve the appearance of your skin and help prevent future out breaks.

Typically, a gentle cleansing facial is recommended every 2-3 weeks.  This consistent cleansing will carefully remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the underlying skin to stimulate healthy cell production.   My ultra gentle cleansing gel works wonders and after a few treatments you’re see impressive results.

A consistent skin care regimen for the acne prone is the best solution to obtain and maintain clearer skin.  I’ll work with you to develop an at-home regimen specifically for your skin type and condition.  Many over-the-counter “acne” cleansers are too harsh on the skin or made for oily teenage skin.   It’s important to find the best product for your skin type and condition so that we address to the problem and not create a bigger one!

It won’t happen overnight, but with a consistent and dedicated treatment plan your adult acne will be a thing of the past!